Home Loan

We offer loan for construct house or buy house .Take of Housing loan from pipals cop bank to make your dream house. Our interest rate is best in class.

Business Loan

Bank is for what bank is to help you to expand your business then our bank gives your business loan to expand business. you can expande your business with this loan. This loan is for working capital.

Personal Loan

We give personal loan for your personal needs. Our personal loan designed for make funding hassle-free.Whether it is planning for a wedding, renovating your house or purchasing jewellery. We give personal loan at competitive Interest rate.

vehical Loan

We are here to turning your dream into reality. We offer loans to purchase your own vehicle.Own that new vehicle you have always desired, with a little help from us. And relax paper work for this loan is very easy and simple.

Industrial Loan

Peoples Bank offers Industrial Loan for buying new factory or make new shades or set up new factory for corporate customers. this loan is to expand and diversify the business requirement

Gold Loan

You can get instant loan against your gold jewellery and ornaments with pepole's co. op bank‘s gold loan facility.so no need to sell your gold for short term money requirements. At present this loan is available for Dholka and Ahmedabad district.


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